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Welcome to ozstudentsabroad

Hi to all new students about to embark on exchange. Maybe you are already in transit, maybe you have arrived and semester has started (depending on your destination) or maybe you have a bit longer to wait. But for most of you, the count down is on…

Tonia, Greg and I want to invite you all to share your thoughts and photo reflections with us and with the others on this blog. We really do want to know how you are feeling as you embark on exchange. Nervous? exhilarated? confident? downright petrified? all/none of the above?

You will find there is a lot of good material embedded in the blog from other students who have already been through this process. Do a bit of searching – things like country-specific themes, ‘I wish I’d known’, culture shock – you will find lots of good tips and even more, the recollections of people who have already ‘been there, done that’. We hope this will be helpful and we also hope you will add to the collection of experiences.

And of course, don’t forget the photo competition – good cash prizes for all Bringing the Learning Home students from Murdoch, Wollongong and Macquarie – see the info on the blog home page

Good luck! we hope to hear from you soon and we look forward to sharing your journey.


Welcome to the new guys


To all the new students joining the blog for the first time or just having a bit of a look before you take the plunge, welcome. Please explore the blog – have a look at the different posts by theme (you’ll see the links on the right hand side of the blog page), read up on the photo competition, and immerse yourself in all the different stories and images students have shared over the past year. We can’t wait to enjoy yours!

As soon as you have received your blog invite from Greg or from WordPress (let Jan, Tonia or Greg know if you are still waiting…), you can start new posts; in the meantime, we woud love to hear your comments on other people’s posts !

We look forward to all your stories.


Next step done…

I didn't take this picture. Copyright

Well today was eventful.

7am wake up to apply for my residency permit.

We had to get to Woollahra between 900 and 1200. O fun.

We were gone for four hours, 15 minutes were spent in the German Consulate.

I hate to sound cliche’, but the lady behind the desk was very efficient. And nice.

I watched her conversation with some German nationals. All I could understand is that she could not do something, then asked when the passport ran out, to which the national replied the first of march. I felt like such a loser.

I gave another lady an empathetic smile when she struggled with the door to get in, she said something in German and laughed so I did one of those “o yeah” laughy-things. I still have no idea what she said.

I guess this is my first experience of language barriers where I’m the odd one out.

On the plus side my application was all good and I can expect the permit in 4 weeks. I leave in 6.

Not long now. So exciting.

2 sleeps.

The butterflies in my stomach WON’T GO AWAY! 2 sleeps and I’m on my way to America and all things grand!

Good luck to everyone who are about to start or are already on their adventures! Have fun and live every minute!

10days and counting every minute!

I am starting to FREAK out!

It’s 10 days until my journey to Wisconsin-Whitewater and as previously stated, I am absolutely freaking out. This is going to be amazing. My whole family is getting sick to death of me talking about it, so I’ll just vent here. One of my friends (who posted below) left for San Fransisco last night and I was always leaving 10 days after her so now that she’s gone, it’s my countdown!

The only thing that sucks is that in order to get the cheapest flight available, I’m taking four different planes and three different airlines – not really crash hot about that considering that I’ve never traveled alone, let alone anywhere overseas other than Bali for crying out loud. So I leave Perth on the 6th of January at 2.55pm and arrive at 8.20pm on the 7th of January American time – so that’s about 9.20am home time – 2 days travel – so if anyone has any suggestions on stuff to do on the plane/while waiting in the airport I’d greatly welcome them!

All I have left to do now is invest in some warm clothes, photocopy my info for my family, work out my itinerary down to a tee and I’m off.

only a matter of days away

Hi everyone!

I’m only 4 days away from the most incredible experience of my life so far! I’m leaving for San Francisco for a bit of travel before heading to Washington D.C. for my year of study at the American University!

I am constantly nervous/excited/terrified and I don’t really think it’s actually kicked in that i’m leaving everyone behind so soon!

After the continuous paperwork and fees i’m finally getting to the end and started packing yesterday! How does one fit their life into a few bags?

Can’t wait to start this experience and read what everyone else is doing!
Goodluck everyone ­čÖé

Los Angeles: The place where everything happens

I am in the process of making the final preparations for my departure to California and this will be my first (and last) post from home.

I’ve heard a lot of crazy things about LA and the type of people who live there. Hopefully┬ámy future posts won’t end up sounding like Hollywood gossip columns, but either way it will definitely be something new and exciting. I’m sure it will open my eyes in a good way. Of course, studying at UCLA will add a lot more diversity to my experience. I am soooo looking forward to it.