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10days and counting every minute!

I am starting to FREAK out!

It’s 10 days until my journey to Wisconsin-Whitewater and as previously stated, I am absolutely freaking out. This is going to be amazing. My whole family is getting sick to death of me talking about it, so I’ll just vent here. One of my friends (who posted below) left for San Fransisco last night and I was always leaving 10 days after her so now that she’s gone, it’s my countdown!

The only thing that sucks is that in order to get the cheapest flight available, I’m taking four different planes and three different airlines – not really crash hot about that considering that I’ve never traveled alone, let alone anywhere overseas other than Bali for crying out loud. So I leave Perth on the 6th of January at 2.55pm and arrive at 8.20pm on the 7th of January American time – so that’s about 9.20am home time – 2 days travel – so if anyone has any suggestions on stuff to do on the plane/while waiting in the airport I’d greatly welcome them!

All I have left to do now is invest in some warm clothes, photocopy my info for my family, work out my itinerary down to a tee and I’m off.


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  1. jangothard


    Exciting stuff! If I were you I would hit Kathmandu in Freo for their sales and get some thermals – not just for geeks, they really work and they are really essential in places like Wisconsin. And a down jacket. Yes you can get that stuff once you arrive but believe me, you won’t want to go out in Whitewater without one!

    Airlines – don’t hesitate to ask people where to go and good luck with all the changing. It seems impossible that it can actually happen but luggage usually DOES get to where you want it to go!

    Enjoy the snow – it sounds as if the USA is chaos country weather-wise at present but it will be a novelty for you – and let us know how it all works out.


    December 28, 2010 at 4:09 am

  2. jangothard

    Oh yes, a PS, Kyran – I meant to say, great work getting on top of adding photos! Looking forward to lots more


    December 28, 2010 at 4:14 am

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