Bringing the learning home (Australian Learning & Teaching Council)


How to get involved!

If you’re a student at one of our participating campuses (Murdoch, Wollongong, and Macquarie), you may have signed up to join the weblog in an orientation session. You should receive an invitation to join us here on OzStudentsAbroad.

However, these invitations sometimes go astray — because they come from WordPress, they may get mopped up by your spam filter, so there are two other ways that you can post.

First option: Just go to and click on the big orange button on the
left. You will be able to sign you up for a free blog (which you don’t have to use but can if you want to) and register yourself with WordPress (one of the two big hosts of free blogs online). There’s only a little bit of information you have to provide, and there’s no cost involved.

Once you’ve signed up, just email me or your OzStudentsAbroad orienter to say, ‘I did it’ and we’ll be able to register you for our Ozstudentsabroad blog (as well as the personal one you can get from WordPress). Just make sure that you send us the right email address for you, that is, the one that you used to sign up for WordPress.

You can reach me at greg.downey (at) mq (dot) edu (dot) au [sorry I’m not just putting in my address, but I get too much spam as it is].

Once you’ve signed up for WordPress, we can make you an ‘author’ at OzStudentsAbroad. Then, whenever you log on, you ‘ll have the option of posting on OzStudentsAbroad, or on your own weblog (if you choose to use it), or on both.

Or, if you don’t want to register, you can simply send the moderator (Greg) your photo and what you want to write, and we can post it for you. Whichever way you do it, we’ll make sure to put you down as the author!


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