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You Know Your From Thessaloniki When…

There is also a group that I found on facebook which gives some interesting/humorous insights into living in Greece’s second largest city!

It also helps you to understand the Greek culture a little better 🙂

Here are a few of my favourites:

You go to a restaraunt and expect the fruits and dessert to be free of charge, and sometimes the wine as well.

You set up an appointment with friends at 8.00pm and the first person arrives at 8.30pm, the last at 10.00pm.

Dinner reservations are always made after 10.00pm.

You start off for university in the morning but end up at a cafe having a frappe with friends instead!

The people you talk to look you straight in the eye and tend to stand about 5 cms away from you.

It doesn’t matter what you have on you always find time for a frappe.

Said Frappe takes you five hours to drink.

The metro is a legend to you.

You think Athens is a country north of Libya.

Also im not sure how to post videos but check out this video of the local football team Paok. This is the reason they are routinely banned from the stadiums.





I recently spent five glorious days in Mykonos, the ‘party island’ of Greece.

It was in a way a trip to say farewell to Greece, as due to visa issues I am going home end of this week.

I went with my two best friends Julie and Bella and simply spent the time swimming and picnicing on the beach, drinking frappes, playing the Greek version of backgamon and eating fine food in tavernas.

Mykonos in Greek means “windy” and it is one of the windest islands in Greece.

It is also one of the most beautiful with crystal clear turqouise waters, rocky and dramatic coastlines and the typical white washed square houses accented with blue trim.

To anyone else who is facing the prospect of returning home to a cold Australian winter….well as cold as it gets.

Here are some pictures to maybe make you feel a little less sad 🙂

Typical street in Mykonos

Myself and my two best friends

The only way to transport your dog in style!

Morgan x