Bringing the learning home (Australian Learning & Teaching Council)


Welcome to the Bringing the Learning Home photo and reflective blog site. This is the place for you to post thoughts and images which capture something distinctive for you about your experience as a student abroad: a funny incident, something bizarre, something which caused you to reflect on how for you have traveled or maybe how far you still have to go. Or just something you want to share.

Anchoring our experience
We are particularly encouraging you to post photos to this site. Photos help us to remember what we were like when we took them. Something that strikes us as strange on first sight can all too soon become commonplace: photos can help us to remember the initial shock of the first encounter. Photos capture memories of how we have grown and adapted. Photos can help to map a learning trajectory and remind us of who we once were.

Some of the discussion is streamed into categories such as ‘cultural differences’, ‘first impressions’, ‘critical moments’, feeling at home’, and ‘hopes and fears’. Some of your posts might be placed under a particular category by our online editor Greg Downey. You can also view all the posts by category if you want to follow a particular discussion.

The site is public so feel free to share this with friends and family, though posting to the site is open only to invited students from the Murdoch, Macquarie and Wollongong ‘Bringing the Learning Home’ group. Posts will only be edited if they are offensive or potentially embarrassing (remember: it’s forever on the Interwebs).

Welcome on board!

Greg Downey
Jan Gothard
Tonia Gray

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