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Another morning here in Dundee!

It’s been incredible over here. 

Well into my first month now, so much has happened!

First week:

I remember arriving in Edinburgh and seeing snow! Silly that I sound so excited, but its my first time seeing snow! From Edinburgh, I headed into Dundee, where its all ice instead of snow.

Defnitely did feel homesick, but I made an effort to get out and explore my surroundings for abit.

Over the week, I met my other housemates and their friends who’re really good fun and uber friendly. One of my housemate friends were exchange students from Belgium, but sadly they were finishing their semester and were preparing to leave. Although we’re just a couple of week old friends, I was really glad to have known them. I remembered my first night, they came and ask me to hang out with them, and at 2am in the morning to bake apple crumble! They were so spontaneous and random! But good fun nontheless.

Second week:

Uni’s begun. Over time, I met a few other exchange students as well – Sophie from Tasmania and a coupla others from Newcastle, Canadians, Americans and of course Scottish!

There was an international event called a Ceilidh (pronounced ‘kay-lee’), which was a traditional Scottish dance. There are various dances, and its pretty simple once you get the hang of it, as its pretty repetitive. And it can go on and on, making you super exhausted! We got to try some Haggis as well, which was their Scottish traditional dish, made of lamb offal, intestines, stomach, those kind of stuff we normally wouldn’t eat. But I apparently love haggis! The thought of it may sound gross, but its really not that bad as you may be imagining now (:

Third week:

Bascially getting into the routine of Uni now, and exploring Dundee and its surroundings. Our favourite hangout is at DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts) its a really unique place, with only two cinema theatres, and they show artsy, historical, meaningful movies here (e.g King’s speech, Hereafter, Black Swan, Nenette etc.) and its cheap!

The main highlight was heading to Saint Andrews for the weekend! Goodness, it was beautiful. I really love it there, and apparently St. Andrews University was where Kate Middleton and Prince William met! We went to St. Andrews castle (which was bascially ruins really, but holds much history), the cathedral, climed St.Rules Tower which gave a spectacular 360 view of the town.

Fourth and fifth week:

The fourth week, was bascially getting my lab reports done, so not very exciting there. But I’m really enjoying my modules here. Yesterday was Valentines, and hope you all had a lovely one! As for mine, I celebrated it with my housemates, made  Thai curry, had a Belgium chocolate cake and wine for dessert and ended with a movie. Also, whats planned for this week is horseriding this weekend! And am really excited for that! So for now that sums up what’ve been up to in Dundee but pictures tell a better story anyway, so enjoy!

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2 responses

  1. jangothard

    Well done Joan, you really hit the blog running! Those photos are just awesome – from stunning scenic Scottish splendour to the plain ol’ plate of porridge! (What no haggis? maybe they aren’t photogenic…) Wow! we are about to put up a photo contest associated with the BTLH project and I can see it is going to be a hard-fought competition

    Are you getting over the homesickness? What has been the most confronting thing for you – the climate, the surroundings, the academic aspects… I could keep guessing. You seem to be enjoying immersing yourself in the age of the buildings – a bit of a contrast to Oz. The beaches too look stunning – how do you respond to the landscape? do you feel at home? alien? just right?

    Keep us posted and keep up that photography


    February 16, 2011 at 1:17 pm

  2. tonialeannegray

    Hiya Joan-

    Loved reading this post – you’ve managed to encapsulate the essence of your experience in an articulate manner.

    Some things I find different (and unique) about Scotland are:

    1. Taxi’s — those cute old fashioned Mr Bean type vehicles. (Any chance of a photo for the blog?).

    2. The ruggedness and beauty of the landscape. Just like Monarch of the Glen (if you saw that show?)

    3. People (especially the farmers) who are stoic and resilient. The weather fashions their faces.

    4. The architecture – endures time so well.

    I always feel “at-home” when I visit Scotland — it is an amazing place.

    Keep up the fantastic commentary and photo imagery.


    February 16, 2011 at 9:59 pm

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