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Bike lane, bus lane, it’s all the same…

So it’s been just over three weeks but it feels like it so much longer than that, still just kind of getting into the swing of things. Uni is off to an incredibly slow start, but nothing happens quickly/at all in Espana. I’ve been to two information sessions this week for exchange students held entirely in Spanish, so surprisingly, I’m still pretty unsure about everything in general but nothing really new there.

Took to the road on my bike today. No matter how many times you tell yourself to stay on the other side of the road it’s impossible not to panic when someone is coming towards you. Played a bit of the old this path ain’t big enough for the two of us and ended up in a bush for a brief but very embarrassing period on the main street of my university, but then back on the bike as they say. Also might have convinced my new friends that one lane was defiantly just for bikes, actually just for busses. Whoops. Very angry bus driver, four very scared Erasmus students peddling as fast as our little feet could take us out of the way. Let’s just say, I don’t think I’m going to live that one down, and I don’t think they’ll be taking my advice again in the near future…However, I did get us to the beach, which for a city is really quite nice.

The main beach


Other than almost getting us killed, I’ve had a fairly good look around the city. It’s pretty incredible. It has a really relaxed vibe, and everything is really well linked by the metro, and by my new friend Valenbisi, which is a system of bikes that you can hire all around the city – practically for free.

The centre of Valencia

Been out a few times. But over here everything starts so late! People don’t go to the clubs until 3am. I was reading a guide the other day that said, “This club gets going when the others start shutting down at about 6-7am!” So I’m struggling a bit to keep up but hopefully I’ll get there.


Guess that’s all for now, having a great time and hope everything is going well at home.

 E x


One response

  1. tonialeannegray

    Hi Elisa

    Life in Spain — you hit the nail on the head. Noting happens “fast-paced” so it must be nice to SLOOOOOW down for a change.

    Had a chuckle at your biking experience — can just picture you heading off into the bushes with ego slightly bruised.

    And the 3am nightclub thing — it will be hard to juggle socializing and early morning classes (or fitness regime or whatever).

    The city looks really nice … any other shots of the architecture or street-scapes? Or the people — the dance and music?

    Bring on the adventures.


    February 16, 2011 at 10:07 pm

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