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A splash of colour

This post is a little late, now that its getting a whole lot colder..
But Autumn over here is amazing! Back in Oz  I enjoyed it when maybe one tree on our street would change colour during Autumn, the whole campus at Bath turned stunning shades of gold and red.
Coming from Sydney, I first though Wollongong campus was quite green, nothing compared with the Bath campus though!
Campus has gone from this…
To this in just a few short weeks….
Of course I just couldn’t resist throwing the leaves about everywhere…
As mentioned in another post, christmas is nearing, and i’m getting pretty excited for my first ‘real’ christmas. So are all my friends from uni who are having me over christmas.
There was a big ceremony to turn on the christmas lights about town. And the christmas markets start up this wk. Photos to follow soon
Of course this also means its starting to get rather cold!

One response

  1. tonialeannegray

    The changing of the seasons are so marked … and as you say, nothing like what we see in Oz. The photo where you are standing in the leaves and throwing your arms into the air … I can “feel” your utter delight. Let us know how xmas in the northern hemisphere unfolds … and the rituals and ceremonies associated with a COLD festive season.

    November 25, 2010 at 7:57 pm

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