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Bau Haus – Dog Cafe

Ah, okay. MY finals FINALLY finished! 😀 So time for some blogging!

I have so many adventures to tell you guys about, so let’s start with the recent one 🙂



First of all the name of the cafe is Bau Haus and it’s in Hongdae, just a station away from Sinchon, so it’s awesome. Basically you can feel like owning a dog, without the fuss of feeding and cleaning up after them.

I must say the idea intrigued me, and I wondered the insurance that needs to come with it ie. dog bites person or person bites dog etc. BUT nevertheless, it was a smart idea, I think.

They only offer Cold drinks for around 5000 KRW (AUD$5) upwards, so it is pretty decent since you can play with the dogs and stay for as long as you want. You can also buy them treats to win their puppy love. Oh yes, they love you more if you have treats of course. Little like bribing, so they have been taught well. 😀

The dogs are hug-able, pet-able, but not ride-able nor are they edible. 😛

Although in my mind I did.

Ride them, that is.



They are amazingly huge and furry and would give you love under one condition: Scooby Snacks. So you can judge their popularity by how FAT they are.

하키 is quite possibly the most popular of them all. His fur is like Chocolate (good enough to eat? Haha. Jokes. That’s for another blog entry :P) and he modestly begs for treats just by sitting next to you with his tongue out. I gave him like 5 by the end of the day 😀



I also love this guy.

The shopkeepers must have drawn eyebrows on his, which I found hilarious.


A few caution. Your coats are probably gonna be covered in doggie fur if you are petting them and such. Although they were smart enough to not put hot drinks on the menu, spillage do happen, dogs will be jumpin’ on tables and your lap sometimes (the small ones quite possibly), but they are all well-behaved.

Also I know what you’re thinking, they must stink right?

(Interesting fact = ‘Bau’ in Indonesian means Smelly :D)

Surprisingly not at all really.

The room is well air-conditioned with a lot of sprays and odour-killing technology.

If you are allergic to dogs…… I don’t know why you would want to come here.

Well. Maybe. Except. To die. A furry death.



I have hundreds of pictures, it’s a shame I can’t put them all here.

Each of them have different personalities and so yeah! pick out your favorite! 😀



2 responses

  1. Bloody brilliant business concept, I say, and I would probably be a regular customer. I just heard on the radio that urban pet ownership rates are really high in some cities. The commentator was trying to make the point that, when people are separated from nature in their day-to-day life, they want pets to have some sort of connection.

    I think you’ve found an example of pet ownership being ‘out-sourced.’ As you write, all the benefits of pet ownership but no need to clean up or anything. As I’m a firm believer in the therapeutic benefit of dogs, it’s probably great for some people, and I can imagine getting really addicted, just like I am to seeing my own dog when I get home.

    Who goes to the dog cafe though? Is it any particular group of people — men/women, age group, groups of kids, single individuals? My only worry would be for the animals, especially if the snacks they’re getting aren’t good for them, but they’d also be crazy happy from all the attention they’d get.

    December 20, 2010 at 5:14 am

    • Ah, yeah.
      ‘Outsourcing’ is a very good way of putting it.

      Mostly girls, they can’t resist cuteness in fur, especially teenagers. there are also a few guys, but they were probably dragged by their missus.

      Single individuals….. Well I don’t know if this is stereotyping since I don’t have the research to support my thesis but, it seems that the people who go there are deprived of the opportunity to have a pet of their own, and/or might go just for the novelty of the business idea and wants to experience something unique. The former group is probably driven by the same motivation/reason for people wanting a dog, and I believe it’s more than just nourishing our connection to nature. If we were to consider the psychological side of things, we can probably say that we raise pets to feed our own psychological needs:
      1. Need of being needed
      2. Stress relief
      3. Or the need of companionship

      Some individuals, I’ve observed, have been going there on a regular basis since they know their names and all, which probably reflects reason no. 3 but don’t have the opp. to actually own a pet.

      Reason no.1…. we could probably take the stereotype of the ‘Cat Lady’ (note: NOT Cat Woman for an example. If I take a huge blind guess, I’d say that being childless left a gap that can be filled partially by raising pets.

      The latter group, is mostly people like me, ie. tourists whom are intrigued by the idea and decided to see for themselves. Well, to be fair the DOGS were IRRESISTIBLE. 🙂

      Nevertheless, I think I can be pretty confident in saying that they were all dog-lovers.

      December 20, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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