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A reason why WAR is unlikely ~

I know this is a bit late, but I just finished my Final Exams so excuse me. :p


From my first sentence you should be able to deduct a few things about my life in Korea. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that life is quite likely to be normal and peaceful in Seoul and Sogang University if Ray was just finishing his Finals, and that he is probably going out to kill a few braincells with a few green bottles and magic liquor they call So-ju.

Not entirely correct. I was very stressed during exam times because Koreans are very hard-working and there is a curve for the grades. Of course, I always reminded myself that I was on exchange and the right thing to do would be to go out not to study, but culture is a funny thing, and with culture comes something of conformity pressure. More on that later, but yes, the second part of the paragraph above is true. I need to finish in 5 minutes cause I won’t be able to type tomorrow morning πŸ˜€ hahaha.

First, I’d like to say that you shouldn’t take my blog as a research, but as an insight and my opinion.

If I may offend anyone, well I’ll make sure I take this down.

The whole Wiki-leaks thing does make you thing what you can/can’t put on the internet.

So, down to business.

There are a few reasons that I gathered from my Korean friends. I’ve asked them what are the chances of war happening? Why not? Should I get a plane ticket outta here?

Let’s talk about the consequences first.

From what I gathered (don’t quote me or reference me. If you do, I only accept Harvard referencing), if the war happened. A lot of people are going to die. From both sides. Quite possibly…. including yours truly, me. A bomb may or may not be dropped on Seoul first, but the point is both sides will have significant casualties. That’s probably the most likely situation. In my opinion, I think South Korea is going to win nevertheless should the UN back them up.

So fast-forwarding a lot of military operations and James Bond missions, a lot martinis stirred and not shaken, Korea would possibly be reunited. But from what I heard things are like 1984 over there, and centrally planned gov’t is not sufficient enough to keep supplies intact with demand and the economy is suffering, and so do the people living in the country. So there are a lot of people impoverished, starving and homeless. Thus it would set the Korea’s economy back by a few decades to recover and to unify the peninsula.

I agree that this is only one of the possibilities, it could also that they will come to a peaceful agreement. The North will open up under the new leadership, the economy will be freer and it’s a happy ending.

Considering the first gloom possibility is heightened by recent tensions, most, if not all South Korean (from my sample of 10 people. lol.) don’t want a WAR. Some people also said that the ones who would probably benefit from this war are the arms dealers and those who are in the line of fire will pay the cost. So I think we can safely say that there is no interest on why the South would want a war, and could even go far to say, they will do a lot to prevent it.

LIFE as a university is pretty normal, even as we heard it on the first day. Beers were still being drunk, songs were still sung in Karaoke (NoRaeBang) and the thing we stress about most is exams. Although, I’m sure some people have fled the country with parents being all worried and all. I do feel good though that my University cared about me to send an email to see if I was alright, albeit a day late πŸ˜› Should I drop my university’s name here or not? Hmmm…. Haha.

Oh, one thing I have found is that, if you ever found yourself in trouble, committing acts of delinquency, just shout out random university names other than yours. Hahaha. “UNSW IS THE BEST!”, although careful not to do this while wearing your school’s jersey.

So in conclusion, life is normal, yes there are tensions but foreign media hyped it up also, and WAR is quite unlikely in my opinion.


Ray of UWS πŸ˜€


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  1. tonialeannegray

    Mmm … nice to hear your side of the story … and when you get a chance … post more about the situation.

    December 20, 2010 at 5:13 am

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