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A powerpoint where?

This is a car with a power point sticking out the front, I couldn’t understand it because it clearly wasn’t a hybrid… Mmmm… its because its so cold that the oil in the engine becomes so viscous that if u run it off the battery it will just drain it! so you start the car from mains power to save your battery.


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  1. Jan Gothard


    And this is where? thinking along the lines of specific adaptations to climate, it makes you wonder if it could be possible to harness all that heat energy that builds up inside cars when you park them here in Oz – well in West Oz certainly! You would think there would be enough energy to start a car if it could just be converted somehow.

    On that note, reports have come out today putting Australia right up the top – Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, USA and Canada are up there too – amongst the world’s least sustainable nations with the largest carbon footprints. Have you noticed any emphasis at all on sustainability in the countries where you are living? how does environmental awareness compare with Australia? we talk the talk but clearly don’t walk the walk…

    October 14, 2010 at 4:50 am

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