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For a bit of Nostalgia –Katoomba to Mittagong Hike on Youtube

For a bit of Nostalgia –Katoomba to Mittagong Hike on Youtube

Final Workshop @ UOW

The 4th and final workshop for our intrepid travelers occurred today. Picture here from L to R: Sophie, York, Renae, Alex and Sam who are heading to Canada, USA, Ireland, USA and Denmark respectively.

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Girls Soon To Be Sojourning

Yesterday saw five girls attend the third workshop for our 2011 sojourners. Ane, Joanne, Amy and Emilly … and Elise in the photo below.

Below is Elise getting ready for her semester in Italy. The group reflected on their predeparture kaleidoscope of emotions — euphoria, anxiety, curiosity and delight. Have fun!!! And we hope it is a life changing event.

2nd workshop – UOW students preparing for 2011

From L to R: Lisa, Elisa, Luke C, Luke B, Sahil and Matilda

Another bunch of enthusiastic and energetic students getting ready for their sojourn to Canada, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA. Enjoy your study abroad experience!

Wollongong workshop – 5 November

Students at the University of Wollongong doing a photo workshop before departing for the United States, Ireland, Germany and the UK.

From left to right: Assoc. Prof. Tonia Gray (holding Davina’s photo), Hayley, Kiara, Joshua, Michael, Emma, and Dr. Greg Downey (from Macquarie).

Chuna and Chuesday

Also — in Canada — people have no idea what I’m talking about half the time, mostly the slang they cannot cope with, I didnt expect it to be so pronounced, Tuna and Tuesday we pronounce like Chuna Chuesday.

Also had thanksgiving dinner recently which was awesome! Pumpkin pie was so good, but pumpkin is not considered a savory vegetable here, they don’t eat it with roast dinners at all.

Other weird things
– They never ever go barefoot
– Classrooms are much quieter and no one talks to each other, I think there is a lot more respect for professors.
– Final exams are worth alot less marks, they have alot more assignments and the final invigilators are professors from the subject
– Classes are mon wed fri or tues thurs.
– Tax and tipping… makes it hard to give correct change
– Beaches in Vancouver have logs on them to lean on.
– Everything has peanut butter in it

Coupons for everything ….

Now this is new — Coupons that you redeem for CASH at clubs… there are two that I’ve seen in Edmonton and its insane that they give you money at the door, Hudsons is a 10min walk from my room and I can get 10 bucks every tues, fri and sat. Its $30 a week that I

Coupons are part of daily life in Canada

enjoy…. Apparently it is how they get around liquor laws cause they cant sell drinks too cheap.

A powerpoint where?

This is a car with a power point sticking out the front, I couldn’t understand it because it clearly wasn’t a hybrid… Mmmm… its because its so cold that the oil in the engine becomes so viscous that if u run it off the battery it will just drain it! so you start the car from mains power to save your battery.

Final Farewell – UOW study abroad students head overseas

Maureen, Rebekah, Liam, Hayden, Izzi, Darren, Karen, Lucy, Ashleigh, Holly and Natalie attend the last UOW photolanguage workshop before their departure OS.

Another pre-departure workshop

Melissa, Mayu, Anastasia, Aranya, Laura, Olivia and Bronwyn

Photolanguage workshop

Kelly, Danielle, Ben, Chris, Will, Kurt and Steve

A snapshot from today’s pre-departure workshop where photolanguage is used to augment self-reflection. This group of students are sojourning to Sweden, the Netherlands, USA, UK and Canada and photos will map their learning trajectory and anchor the change process.