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Travels- Italy

Hi this is Luke Cassar posting once again studying in Switzerland.

Sooo I have been travelling a bit lately and i thought id share my trip to Italy for four days, which was quiet interesting. Ok firstly we had only planned to go to Milan and Venice, (being at Venice during Carnivale). However this did not work out as planned as hostelbookers muddled our accommodation in Venice, thus we had no where to stay for the night. Furthermore being in Venice during carnivale it was impossible to find anywhere else to stay. So we were stuffed. But our initial decision was to catch the train back to the centre of venice and stay in the city centre all night. However whilst looking at the train timetable (around midnight) we noticed a night train to Rome, so we thought what the heck lets do it. Best decision made sooo far, went to Vatican City and the Colosseum and many other magnificent places.

Ok now to Milan, we went to the famous Duoma Cathederal, catching the metro there from Milan train station. The metro escalators lead right to the front of the Cathedral, where straight away you are approached by these people we later found out were from Senegal. They approached us with these string bracelets saying it was a tradition to wear it before going in, and that it would offend people if you didnt wear it, they also said it was free. Looking around me i could see everyone was doing. So i said fine. Unfortunately as soon as they put it on me, they asked for euro’s. All of sudden i had 5 senegal men surronding me. mmm Akward. Furthermore i didnt have any change, only notes. But after complementing the senegal football side they agreed to give me change for a ten. Thank god. After the event it was quite amusing. Our second day in Milan we spent a good hour resting infront of the Duoma watching people get screwed over by these people. Quiet funny when its not happening to you 🙂 Although i was surprised that this was happening in Milan, and people are selling useless stuff everywhere and are quiet pushy.

Ok so now back to Venice, which was so awesome, people dressed everywhere in funky costumes and confetti everywhere. Masks being sold at every shop so i had to buy one! Ill let the photos describe venice though.


Ok you may find this amusing but one thing that shocked me the other day is i walk passed a porn shop, which had a shop window, which contained things that would be considered an outrage in Australia, if displayed. Ill post one pic just so you can get an idea.

Window shop front for porn shop, couldnt not see this in Australia

Ok soo i couldnt just leave you with that picture alone because its a beautiful place here so here is a shot of a hill not to far from where i live.

St gallen

Switzerland – first day

Luke Cassar – University of St Gallen from Wollongong.

So its 1am here and i cant sleep, so i thought this would be a great opportunity to make my first post.

So soo far Ive been mostly sleeping but i still have noticed some things about this country. Firstly their public transport is awesome, it may be expensive but sooo good. However on train trip from the airport to St Gallen I accidentally seated myself in the first class seating, and i really couldn’t tell the difference between first class and normal class except the seats were red and had less people in first class. I guess the red makes all the difference ay. Asking people for help is quite easy here, just you have to pick out the ones who can speak english, on the train asking people in business suits work for me hehe. Ok now to buses, which i caught 3 times so far without paying, because of the simple fact i don’t know how to. The machines are in German, the devil inside me wants me to see how long i can act like an innocent tourist, but the angel says im a guest in their country and i should pay, hmm.

As for the weather its not soo bad, snow everywhere but not to cold, apparently I brought the sun out according to university staff. Speaking of the university my fondest moment so far was walking into the exchange office and seeing a post card with wollongong harbour on it. Such a proud gong boy then.

Hmm anyways that’s all for now, hopefully Ill be taking photos soon. And gradually as I get used to wordpress my posts should get better.

Cheers Luke