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Coming Home

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some memories from europe

My coming home is a bit different as I am not returning to Australia but after 4 months of traveling 3 of which were spent in Europe I am now returning to Victoria Canada to complete another semester of exchange. It feels really weird calling this home, but it really is. I managed to set up an apartment before I left which was really lucky to do, I am living with a friend near downtown its really nice and really cheap. It is surreal being back and I really miss all of my friends most of whom have returned back home after there exchange. Everything I see reminds me of them and all of the fun that we had. I have met up with the few people that are still here, my Canadian friends and international student which is great. I have met a few of the new “exchangers” but as I arrived at uni late, I have missed some of the orientations and activities.

UVic looks a lot different that I remember as well, for one, I have been here a week and have only seen blue skies and sunshine! Definitely not a complaint about that, I was worried it would be cold and raining as usual. But it is supposed to be the warmest week all summer, people are laying on the grass the fountain has been turned back on, its so nice. I am telling the other new exchanger to make the most of it because it wont last.

Classes started yesterday, I am so looking forward to it! i am doing French photography and American sign language.

I don’t really miss home now, I did at the start but my friend wrote me a letter every week and I was so busy, the busy traveling so i think i have been lucky to miss the home sickness. but I wouldn’t mind if they emailed me more!

Today my best friend Michelle is going to visit me for 2-3 weeks! i am so excited she will be the first person from home to visit 🙂 I have so many things planed and I know all of the good places to go now because this is my home. Tonight we are going to Olympic National Park and are going to hike to a hut on top of a mountain and sleep there 🙂 – I hope she is prepared….

My Europe trip was incredible, the highlights were the 2-3 weeks I spent working on a farm in Ardeche France, my french improved so much! and I loved it there, hitch hiking around France and Switzerland, hiking in the Swiss alps, rock climbing in the black forest Germany, my 2 weeks in the Netherlands with the awesome dutch guy I met in uvic and visiting all of my new European friends thanks to the exchange!

That’s about it for now, I will post pictures when I can,


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  1. Jan Gothard

    LOVED the photos! can you tell us a bit more about them? what is the junky sleep out – some one sleeping rough or down market student accommodation?? If you can add some reflections on these, some of these photos would be great entries in the photo competition (money prizes!) Thanks for sharing them – they really bring the flavour of European summer to a cool spring day here in Perth


    September 13, 2011 at 5:22 am

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