Bringing the learning home (Australian Learning & Teaching Council)

reading break part 2: banff

After a gruelling bus ride i got to banff. While i was here the temp ranged from -16 to -35 i recon. On the first day i went on a tour of johnson canyon. It is amazing!!! heaps of frozen water that has come out of the cliff so they look like frozen waterfalls. we got given cleats to help walking. we followed the river up to a smaller waterfall, it was all frozen but you could see the water gushing out of the bottom – amazing! and a deep pool of fresh blue water. it looked so inviting aswell. At the top there was a massive frozen waterfall – the pictures below just dont to it justice, there were also 2 guys ice climing! We got hot choc and biscuits on the way yum, yum ๐Ÿ˜›

The next day my friends Joelle and Hannah and I took the gondela up to the top of the mountain, it did have a great view however it was cloudy and really cold. We also went to the hot spring, it was snowing so we all had snow on out head and our hair would freeze!! it was soo cool ๐Ÿ™‚ i went there again last night and on the way home we went for dinner, when we got back to the car my swimmers has frozen, crazy.

I am staying in a hostel room with 8 girls. WOW i am not used to this, i am used to 2 brothers. they talked alot about getting smashed and their previous drunken endevuours, “i won $200 last night!” “awesome! how did you do that?” “I only had to show them my tits!”. and they also talked about drugs, not just pot but heroin and other stuff!!! i have never heard anyone talk about it before, very different. And talked about girlie things and of course sex and boys were a favourite conversation of theres.

Today i walked up tunnel mountain, it had an amazing view as you can see below!

I also got a $2 of your first pint at a bar, so i went there and started to talk to the three guys next to me, one was Australia, one Canadian and one English. They were really nice and actually ended up buying me 2 shots. They decided i was going to join them out of the night, as i didn’t know anyone and had nothing else better to do i agreed. They asked me what my name is and i said “Lisa” they said “That is a boring name, I am going to call you Cornelus!” It was a very fun night and i have never had anyone buy me a drink before, but this night everyone was buying me drinks! it was awesome!


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