Bringing the learning home (Australian Learning & Teaching Council)

Feels like Home

So today i have been in the United States for exactly 7 weeks. My last post was a bit depressing as it stated my feeling towards exchange in the first few days. My apologies if i gave anyone the wrong idea but that is truly how i felt in the first few days. I have been wanting to post this for a few weeks now but never have time. The week after arriving in Miami when classes started and i made some friends things got a WHOLE lot better. The party began and it was AMAZING. experiencing SOUTH BEACH MIAMI was an experience i believe everyone should have once in their lifetime. Miami is beautiful and the people are so friendly from the professors and college to the staff at McDonalds, from the Taxi drivers to staff at retail stores. There are a few characters that are rude and arrogant but that is in every country. Overall the people are what makes a country and the people in Miami are  predominantly friendly. I have now grown to love campus life and even my bed and bathroom which I was hates the first few days. I managed to find a way to Target and get a memory foam mattress to put on my bed which makes a world of difference.

Classes are pretty laid back and really interesting. Compared to Wollongong the standard of work required of my classes here is much lower which makes it easier I guess. I have taken a french film class which is pretty extreme and have since watched some horrific films. Miami is starting to feel like home now which makes me think that I want to extend for another semester. This weekend we are going to New Orleans for Mardigras which will be an experience and then the week after that is SPRING BREAK in cancun! March is going to me madness.

I will post some pictures up soon.



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  1. jangothard

    Wonderful to see what a difference a few weeks makes – and so important to share those first days of the blues – you are certainly not alone and you don’t need to apologise for your honesty. Your new friendships seem fundamental to your changed opinion of Miami – plus that all-important Target memory mattress!

    How does Miami compare with the stereotype?

    And yes, bring on the pictures!


    March 2, 2011 at 9:36 am

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