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Reading week – whistler

So my reading break begun with my friend and Jasper and i walking to the steet just of campus and sticking our thumbs up. Success only took 10 minutes when a lovely lady picked us up and took us to the highway. Then another 1o minutes an middleaged couple picked us up and took us to the ferry terminal! they had lived in Sidney their whole lives and told us more about the area. Unfortunately you can not hitch a ferry so we had to buy a ticket. We did try and get a ride for the other side but  were told “No hitching on MY terminal!!!”

The ferry is massive! it has study area, kids room , massage room, arcade games room! wow. It took to more hitch’s to get us all the way to whistler but in the end it took about 9 hour which is the same as taking the 4 or 5 public transports. We couch surfed on Saturday night with a guy called Scott and his girlfriend Emily. They were great! she showed me beautiful pictures of all of the amazing hikes that you can do around whistler in the summer, and Jasper taught Scott about some computer programing thing i think…

In the morning we woke to “…i came home to strangers on the couch!!” then a slammed door. Scott had forgotten to tell his room mate about us surfing, so he was angry. I have never had this happen before, but Scott was really nice and apologised, but it did mean i was accomondation-less. I just crashed in my friends hotel room on Sunday night.

Oh well! we went snowboarding after that and Jasper taught me how to do it properly and i finally get it! i can turn and stop and all sorts of things!! i was so excited! but i now go faster and stack harder… so much fun. Whistler is a cute town with an awesome village walk.

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I love the sign “fire lane” ??? there is snow everywhere. Also the lovely sun beds 🙂 they did have the lovely view of the half frozen river.

next is Banff!


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  1. Just thought i would let you know that my mum is going to kill me when she reads this… i am not allowed to hitch hike =\

    February 25, 2011 at 11:14 pm

  2. tonialeannegray

    HI Lisa

    Has your mum had an spin out yet? As a mother, I can understand her angst — but from your perspective, is hitch hiking fairly safe in Canada?

    Ferries seem much more upscale than ours in Sydney Harbour.

    And it appears you are going to become a snowboarding queen. What better way to perfect your skills than a stint on snow in Canada? A dream come true for many Aussies.

    Let me know how Banff is — and is there still plenty of spring snow around????

    March 4, 2011 at 9:51 pm

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