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My friends came over thismorning to get me for breakfast. They were wearing jeans and 2 jumpers, beanie’s, scarfs ect and i was wearing my summer dress. They thought i was ridiculous and stated how cold it was outside (today temp is min -1 max 3, current condition 4…?). when i woke up the sun was shining and my room was warm, which hadnt happened in 2 weeks. I was taking advantage of it while it lasted. it was cold outside, which i wasnt supprised. So my point it that I am loving exchange and all of the people on exchange (and locals) and everyhing about my exchange – but the weather.

You know the days where you wake up and it is cold and raining and you just want to snuggle up and drink hot chocolate and watch movies all day? that is what type of day it is everyday. It is always cold, always. Rain is everyother day, but when it isnt raining it is still coudy and grey. and on the rare chance that the sun does decide to bless us with its precence it is even colder because the clouds arnt acting as insulation to keep it slightly warmer.

I miss the sun, the beach, wearing thongs all the time (i still wear thongs, but not everyday). I miss sun baking, never needing a jumper, jacket and beanie. I even miss sunscreen. There is a massive poster up in the dining hall about “sufing in Tofino” – aparently tofino is the place to go surfing and there is going to be a day trip or weekend trip there sometime. It seems so ridiculous to me – all the of the beaches i have seen so far have rocks with brown sand/dirt and logs all over them. Furthermore, they have to wear a dry suit or a wet suit to go surfing, even in summer. I can not wait untill the exchange expo where i get to represent UOW. Oh man i hope UOW is ready for the influx after my advertising. So my only complaint is that i am sick of being cold.


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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve done the reverse adaptation, moving away from being near Chicago to settling in Australia, and when I hear the weather from back home, it just makes me cringe. When people ask me if I miss the winter and the snow here, I try not to look at them like they’re completely, certifiably insane, even though that’s what I’m thinking. Australians must think that snow is just like a sparkly decoration all over everything and a chance to use your new snowboard. They have no idea that it’s the planet trying to kill you!

    I always underestimated how much it mattered to me, the weather, until I started to really travel and live overseas. When I came back from Brazil to a Chicago ‘spring’ (and I use that term loosely), I just about tipped into depression. And do not ask what it did to my BMI! But you really notice how much it matters when the whole environment is so different.

    I’m glad you’re fighting the absolute need to always bundle up — keep up your resistance! You have nothing to lose but your small extremities!

    January 31, 2011 at 5:47 am

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