Bringing the learning home (Australian Learning & Teaching Council)

US of A!

I’m finally in Chicago, my 2nd last stop before I’m where I need to be for the year! It’s freezing cold, snowing and soooo much different to home. Through all of my excitement I didn’t really stop and think about what it’d feel like being here with absolutely nobody to talk to or to rely on. You have to make all of your own decisions, you can’t pick up the phone and just call someone and ask their opinion, it’s here, it’s now, it’s fast paced and it’s freakin’ scary!

My flights and stops went pretty smoothly for the most part. Each stop was scary because I had no idea where to go and what to pay and what to do, but after asking about a million questions I finally got my way. I’ve been on a plane for 32 out of the last 48 hours and I’m now laying in my Chicago hotel room, excited that I made it here and I can sleep now. When I got to JFK airport in New York, I expected the transition to be as smooth as the others, but because of the snowstorm my flight was canceled. Delta airlines gave me a cab voucher and told me where to go to wait for this specific cab to take me to another New York airport where they had a flight available, but when the cab never showed I had to get into a (cliche) yellow New York City taxi and go through New York City! (not that I’m complaining). Anyway, so after going through even more security checks and bag check ins I had to wait for a flight one last time. I must say though, after seeing the way that the staff of Delta Airlines handles their customers (not me specifically, but others around me), I don’t think I’ll be flying with them again. It’s like they just don’t care, but what can you do?

I’m in America… it’s mind blowing.


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  1. tonialeannegray

    Yep – freakin scary – traveling abroad by yourself certainly has a sense of alienation and disequilibrium. Really out of your comfort zone.

    As you so poignantly say “you can’t just pick up the phone and get assistance’ from someone you know. But doesn’ it make you grow up — and FAST???

    Chicago is notorious for cold, damn cold.

    So different to our humid, muggy summer – and quite a shock to the system.

    Keep us updated.

    January 10, 2011 at 11:18 pm

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