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Got Snow?.

I feel terrible that this is my first entry here and its my last week on exchange. I think others can probably relate to this as well, but I am finding that it is only as I’m getting closer to leaving that I have the time to look back and really reflect on my experience on exchange.

Think you've got snow? My friend Alex's message to her sister in the UK

I am meant to be studying but I thought I would just write to you quickly then do back to studying coz I thought this was worth sharing. I was just doing some study procrastination and looking at the uni website from home and it came up in the news feed that this girl from Alaska that is on exchange at Wollongong has won a prize from Austrade or somewhere for a video she made about her exchange experience in Australia (to promote Study in Australia). So I’ve just spent the last five or so minutes watching it and the end is just her talking about how she will miss everyone and how it will be so much harder leaving than it ever was coming. Then I just got incredibly sad. Not for her, obviously, and not coz the video is about home, but in terms of my own experience in Canada. I have less than a week before I leave, and a few of my friends have started to leave already. Its kind of surreal because it doesnt feel like its actually the end already. Many of my international friends are staying for the year, so they are going home for a couple of weeks for Christmas then coming back. So it feels strange saying goodbye knowing that some of us are leaving and some of us will be back next semester. I’m sitting in one of the U of A’s many libraries at the moment attempting to study for a final, and I asked the girl next to me a moment ago if she would mind watching my stuff while I went and grabbed my printing. And all she said was “for sure” and smiled, but to be honest, I felt really upset. What many of my friends and I have noticed her is that Canadians say “for sure” a lot more than they say “eh”. So I couldn’t help but smile as I walked over to get my printing. I love Canada.

On another note, yesterday there was a snow storm so in many places, the snow was knee deep. It was crazy; something that I don’t think I will ever get used to. Even though its minus 15 on average here most days at the moment, the cold and the snow hasn’t lost its novelty value (even the one day we had where it was minus 33!). So I thought I would post a couple of photos from yesterday, where some of my friends and I went and mucked around in the snow outside our residence building. One of my friends in the photo, Chris, is actually from UOW too but we didn’t meet til I got here. It was really fun to share that with him yesterday because I think we both found the concept of that much snow a really strange one to get used to.

One response

  1. Hahahaha

    So you think you’ve got snow?

    Just thought I’d share that in Sweden we’ve had knee deep snow since October. 😉

    We’ve only gotten down to -30 though, not 33, so you got me beat on that one…

    Enjoy it!

    December 16, 2010 at 9:06 pm

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