Bringing the learning home (Australian Learning & Teaching Council)

Fish out of water?

Are you starting to feel ‘at home’ or do you feel a LONG way from home? What sorts of things make you homesick? What are you missing most – people, friends, sounds, sights, smells, food? What sorts of things make you REALLY aware you are a long way from home? How are you dealing with this?


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  1. I think that the thing that makes me miss home the most is contact with my family and friends back home. It sounds strange but during the day-to-day activities of the ‘new’ life you are creating overseas it seems like time has paused back home. You know that home exists but because you are not there to experience what is happening it seems surreal. It is only when you talk to them, see a facebook post or receive an email from them that you realise life keeps going. It is when something happens back home that is important to you or your friend that you wish you could be there for that moment with them. I am loving being overseas, gaining my independence and don’t feel ready to go home yet but there are some moments that I wish I could be there to share.

    October 31, 2010 at 7:05 am

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