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American College Life

I am so glad and happy that I chose to study abroad in America. The experience that I’m already having is incredible and everyday I find myself doing something I wouldn’t do back home.

 At the moment life is crazy, I’m a pledge member of the sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi which is the best decision I have made here and perhaps one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve met so many people through this organization and have already found some friends that I know are for life not just a year. Everyone is so excited to hear about Australia and they just love my accent and new words like ‘Maccas’ for McDonalds and ‘singlet’ instead of ‘tank top’. Heaps of the girls from my sorority have told me I can stay with them during the summer so it’s great for networking because I have a home now anywhere I want to travel. Being in Greek Life is probably one of the most American College experiences to have and I’m loving every minute of it. I also joined a student run dance group and we meet once a week and have a performance in about a month, it’s interesting to see the difference in dance style too. Living in the dorms is also a typical American experience, it’s great that it only takes a few minutes to visit friends!

Very excited for Spring Break! – only 20 days away and I’m off to Cancun, Mexico with one of my American friends and 2 other international students, one from Canada and the other is Aussie. Again it’s going to be an amazing college experience that we wouldn’t have back home!

Classes are so different here and the work load is only getting more intense however I think grading might be easier, let’s just say I had a small paper (only 2 pages) to write and I know it wasn’t my best work yet I still received an ‘A’ – however that might be that physically I’m doing much more work!

Overall I’m loving every minute of the American College experience, I love the sense of community and the fact that it’s not just about academics, there’s a huge social aspect that I’m going to miss when I go back home so I’m going to try and not take it for granted now!

The picture below is a poster that was on my dorm door, it says ‘You’ve hopped your way into the hearts of AEPhi’ Which is the nickname of my sorority

Washington D.C

It is now officially week 4 of my adventure. After being in San Francisco travelling around by myself for 5 days I was ready to get to my dorm room and meet people!

The first week was orientation week for abroad students with 3 days introducing us to each other, to the school and to the city. Meeting so many other people from all over the world, Europe, Korea, Egypt, Africa and other Aussies too it really opens your mind to everything the world has to offer – I know that sounded so cheesy but it’s very true – and I made myself a promise, a promise that I will make the most out of this year and take advantage of every opportunity and explore everything I can.

In one day I visited the National Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and saw the White House, granted they were only quick visit’s but even so the smile from my face just never left, to actually see these symbols of America and history and freedom just made me feel incredible (and being a history major you can imagine how excited I was!). I’ve also visited some local areas, Chinatown, Georgetown and Adams Morgan and the rest of the city is just waiting to be explored!

The university (or college I should say) is incredible, the buildings are beautiful, the people are lovely and the work is intense with 5 books for just 1 history class. The social aspect is also widely different. Yesterday I became a Pledge member in the Greek sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi, already through this sisterhood I have met some amazing women who I know will support me all the way. I am also auditioning for a student run dance group that performs at the end of the semester which I will hopefully be able to participate in.

The weather is cold, the work is hard and I am missing my family already. BUT. I knew all of this coming into this experience and I welcome it with open arms, this is going to be the most amazing opportunity for all of us abroad students and I welcome the bad with the good because I know at the end I would have had an experience of a lifetime.

Safe travels everyone 🙂

only a matter of days away

Hi everyone!

I’m only 4 days away from the most incredible experience of my life so far! I’m leaving for San Francisco for a bit of travel before heading to Washington D.C. for my year of study at the American University!

I am constantly nervous/excited/terrified and I don’t really think it’s actually kicked in that i’m leaving everyone behind so soon!

After the continuous paperwork and fees i’m finally getting to the end and started packing yesterday! How does one fit their life into a few bags?

Can’t wait to start this experience and read what everyone else is doing!
Goodluck everyone 🙂